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New Video Added on: Wednesday December 06, 2017
Jana big ass
There was a time when I did nothing but dream about getting some ass. Now at this point I get it so often it's ridiculous, but I don't get cocky. The way I see it, I am here to see what's out there and what are the best asses I can fuck. That brings me to talk about this babe "jana". I meet this girl and we had a little conversation, I told her it would be nice for me to film her and she said yes. I let her play with herself on the sofa in my living room, she was so horny the temperature at the house went up. I stood watching her fingering that sweet pussy as she started to finger that nice round ass of hers. It was just incredible, I couldn't just stay there filming it, I had to jump in and get a piece of that pie. My dick was ready and she showed me how good she is when it is time to fuck. She graved my cock and swallowed it and then she put it all in her ass. I was flying high. I had to cum in her beautiful mouth. Ooh my god, how good it is. Just play it and check it out, You'll love it. continue here
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New Video Added on: Wednesday November 29, 2017
Neetrea big ass
Sweet, innocent looking, 19 year old girls can sometimes be the hottest, little dirtiest girls in the world. Neetrea is a girl like this. She is hot and sexy with a perfect body and amazing ass, but just by looking you dont know what a horny hot pussy this dirty perverse sex machine she be. You can only know this by getting her naked in a fuckhouse and having her do dildo show and then fucking her like she wants to be fucked, hard, fast and in every hole. Neetrea has an amazing fucking ass. It almost feels like this girl was born for sex, as she does it perfectly. She will suck dick like crazy and you can tell she loves to have her mouth fucked. Also, her pussy is so wet and juicy, she'll take it hard in her hot pink snatch. She really is a hot 19 year old fuck machine with an incredible round ass. I hope to fuck her again soon. Send an email if you like her as much as me. Have fun continue here
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New Video Added on: Wednesday November 22, 2017
Petra big ass
Once I heard a joke about a blind man walking by a fish market and he said "hello ladies." Well life is no joke, and a big round ass is no laughing matter, it's serious and it's not just a job, it's also an adventure. Big ass is a way of life, and I live life the way I was brought up...hard. This is the way it has to be, because woman like Petra walk the street alone looking for a good fuck. Petra has an amazing perfect body. If you never fucked a 27 year old girl, you must know that it is the best age. Not only does she still look good, but also she knows what she wants and how to get it. When I met Petra she was walking down the street and her clothes said "Fuck me. Fuck me right here right now hard and fast and cum on my face." Well I am a man who knows how to take orders, so I approached her beautiful ass from behind, introduced myself, and asked her for sex. Her pussy was so wet she almost slipped on her juices as we walked to my house. When we got there, I watched her get naked for me and tease me with her big perfectly round ass, then she inserted a dildo into her pussy and then her ass. I stuck my dick in there which she sucked like crazy before throw it all in her hot dripping wet pussy. Finally, I came all over her and she loved it so much that I kicked her out. In-mudderfuckin-credible. Watch. continue here
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New Video Added on: Wednesday November 15, 2017
Angela big ass
Today I woke up so fucking horny. Do you ever feel this way? I went to the store to buy milk and eggs, and I was thinking about fucking an old woman shopkeeper. I felt so fucking horny that I wanted to fuck them all because they all have the biggest asses, with swinging tits and a juicy pussy between their legs. Something so great about the pussy is that it makes you forget all of your troubles. The only thing greater than this feeling is when a pussy is part of a body so perfect that whole world deserves to see its greatness. Well, guess what, Angela has a body like this, a face like this, a pussy like this and especially a big round ass like this. She has that perfect curvy ass that makea me want to jack off when I see her walking down the street. Sometime I am shy with girls, but Angela I knew I had to have her hot pussy. So I walked up to her and got right to the point. I asked if she likes sex and then if she wanted to fuck me... and she say yes! So we went to my house and I pounded her big round ass like there was no tomorrow, until I shot sperm all over her face and mouth and she drank every drop. Awesome. continue here
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New Video Added on: Wednesday November 08, 2017
Cindy big ass
This week I took a motorcycle tour of the countryside. I needed the fresh air, time to think, and of course fresh hot farmgirl pussy. I rode for three hours and pulled over into a little village and started to walk with my camera. Guess what I found? A young, hot, beautiful girl, with a big round perfect ass. Well, I say to her, "Watsup baby, I'm a bigtime movie director from the city and you look so fucking hot. I want to put you in a movie." Well she started to smile and I knew she was interested. So then I start to talk with her about sex, because I know either she will slap me, or she will give me her sweet pussy. She smelled so young and fresh, her body was ripe and juicy. I could tell by how she moved her pussy that she was already starting to get wet for me. After that it was easy, I invited her to my house, she got naked and played wit ha dildo in her pussy. She sucked me like crazy, I fucked her perfect ass, she sucked me more and then I came all over her pretty face. This girl gives great head. Amazing pussy, perfect ass. Have fun with her! continue here
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