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New Video Added on: Wednesday November 01, 2017
Jessica Fiorentino big ass
Jessica Fiorentino
If you ever go outside a popular discoteque on a Sunday morning, you'll find it's a great place to meet a girl who's been partying all night and looking for someone to go home with. Well, that's how I met Jessica! She lives far outside of the city and had to wait from 6 am when club closed until the buses started to run at 10am. When I found her, she was walking around in latex pants with a perfect round ass all tied up tight in bondage gear. She is a really fucking hot girl and I could tell that she was the type of horny girl who needs to get her ass fucked good and hard. Well, I talked to her and yes, I was right, she wanted to come back to my house with her perfect big ass. She sucks dick and dildos herself before I blew a huge load all over her face. This was a very horny girl, who loved every second of it. Yes, she is a fucking young, hot bitch with a perfect body and a big round bubble butt. Her ass is so big and round it would make Galileo cry! Anyway, this girl was hot as fuck, and I fucked her ass! continue here
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New Video Added on: Wednesday October 25, 2017
Barbara big ass
I found out the hard way that sometimes it's good to take those backstreet shortcuts. Today I took the long way home to see if I could find a fresh big round ass. Fucking fuck, I found a huge round ass on a bored housewife looking for someone to tease wit hthat short skirt. I saw Barbara's perfect round ass cheeks and skirt only covering half of them as she was walking around, while bending over in front of me. I knew she saw me with the camera, and that she was a really a fun girl with a pussy so wet, it could only become wetter by the every second. So I asked her name and invited her over to my house. On our way home, I found out that her husband is in the army and hasn't been fucked in 6 months! I feel lucky because I'm the first cock she found and wanted to suck it dry.Yes, I got to fuck that big tight ass, and guess what... the movie is Amazing! If you really love amateur girls with big round asses, then hers is perfect. Enjoy continue here
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New Video Added on: Wednesday October 18, 2017
Klara big ass
Guess what, yeterday I was on the dock, relaxing, because the ocean smell reminds me of pussy. I drank a beer while reminising as I watched the sun set. But then, I realized this is so fucking gay, I must find a girl with a big ass and go fuck her on camera to prove that I am still fuckmachine porn director! So I started walking and looking for the first big round ass that came my way, and wow, let me say that Klara has a huge round ass. So I meet Klara and I tell her who I am and what I do for a living. She really needed a hard dick in her pussy, mouth and asshole. We came back to my fuckhouse and I watched her get naked and do a show for me and then she took my dick all down her throat, in her tight hot pussy and pink asshole. Afterwards, I shot a hot sticky load all over her and sent her away. Enjoy continue here
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New Video Added on: Wednesday October 11, 2017
Kristina big ass
Some ass is so great, so awesome, and so inspirational, that the entire world deserves to see it. Kristina has an ass like this, so I fucked her, and since I filmed it, I put Kristina and her round naked ass up here for all to see. It really was amazing because she loved to fuck on camera so much. Wait till you see how the movie starts with this beautiful girl getting naked in my house. She performs a hot stripshow where she shows off her ass and when she is totally nude, starts to play with a dildo until she cums. Then I go up to her with my hard dick and guess what, she sucks me like crazy. When my dick was all wet from her mouth I threw it in her pussy and then fed it back to her. Kristina was such a good fuck that I shot her with my spunk and then kicked her out. Watch continue here
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New Video Added on: Wednesday October 04, 2017
Jolana big ass
A perfect round ass is like freedom, everybody deserves a piece. That is why I feel it's my mission to find these perfect asses and share them with the world. I am like ghandi for porno. I spread the message of big round ass all over the world. I am the ambassador of ass. Jolana got spread all over my house when I fucked her after meeting on the street. Wow. Her fucking ass is so great and she told me she loves anal. I met her in the park, she was on the bench and when I asked her name, her legs began spreading and I could see her wet panties between perfect thick thighs. When she stood up, she showed me her nice big round ass and I took her to my house to do a striptease and dildo fuck her juicy wet pussy. Then she slid a finger in her ass and after that I stuck my whole dick in. Fuck. She really loved it when I came over her face.. just look at her smile. continue here
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